Welcome to Juice n’ Flow

Congratulations on your deciding to become healthier, more vibrant and full of life through juicing, water and proper nutrition with whole foods!

You have made a wonderful choice to live better but the road to get there isn’t so clear cut. However, with more information and proper action, you can look to improve your situation.

Everyone’s juicing, diet and life needs vary. Follow the course that is correct for you. Juice n Flow merely serves as a venue to help you along the path to better nutrition and life. Your specific health requirements only you know. However, this site is here to provide information so you can lose weight fast, consider new ways to improve your health, quickly get started juicing or fasting or simply just to learn and grow in your life journey.

Here is an overview of the type of information you can find on Juice n’ Flow.


What is juicing? Juicing is the name of the process where you or a machine extracts the vital, nutrient rich liquid (a.k.a. the juice) from fruits and vegetables.  It is also used to describe someone who consumes these liquids as a beverage. Someone who drinks beverages in this fashion is considered juicing. The most common fresh made juice enjoyed in this fashion is orange juice.

What are the benefits of juicing? The belief behind juicing is that you receive maximum nutritional benefits when you drink fresh juice made from organic fruits and vegetables as opposed to store bought beverages that are often full of chemicals and made from genetically modified organisms.

Aside from skipping out on the chemicals and getting closer to nature, juicing is said to help with a whole host of issues and can provide remedies for just about everything. Below are some of suggested benefits of juicing:

  • Skin care
  • Eyesight
  • Overall vitality
  • Sexual function
  • Weight-loss
  • Detox
  • Energy
  • Circulation
  • Mental clarity and concentration
  • and more…

The list could be endless and yes there are even more ways fresh juices can benefit the body, but there is no need to mention them all. Reading about what juicing does isn’t the key. Believing, taking correct action and doing is the key!

Are all juices the same? Most definitely, no! Fresh juices often contain enzymes and nutrients that are only available for the short while immediately after making the juice. Oxidation and other process eliminate the health benefits over time as the juice sits around. This is why when you juice it is best to drink as soon as possible and to only make what you need. Additionally, store bought juices often contain added sugars and other chemicals, they are diluted with water and companies frequently pasteurize the juices removing all of the nutritional benefits.

How do I get started juicing? First off juicing is simple. There are many books you can buy to help you with juicing and websites with plenty of great information and as Juice n Flow grows, you’ll find more information regarding juicing here as well. However, if you want a juicer and need suggestions on the best juicer to buy. There are a few juicer reviews to help you get started by making sure you not only get a high quality juicer but also that you get the best priced juicer online.

Juicing is a great part of a whole food diet and healthier lifestyle but it is not the only part. This is why Juice n’ Flow covers a few other nutrition related subjects and provides diet and weight loss information to help you get the body you want and the good health to go with it. Juicing is just one way to help achieve health.


Fasting is covered too.

Fasting is a process of healing, cleansing, therapy, meditation and medicine all rolled into one activity. practiced for at least a few thousand of years, fasting as an approach to wellness has a long history that stretches across many cultures.

The currently accepted history ascribes fasting to primarily ayurvedic medicine. However, indigenous people around the world, including in the United States,  Latin America, Africa and Asia have all demonstrated some form of fasting for healing in both physical and spiritual nature.

What exactly is fasting? To fast is to go without and to purge of something particular. This could be food, behaviors and even people.

Although fasting is typically associated with religion, you do not have to practice any particular religion to properly fast. However, sincerity and a certain amount of zeal are required for a period of fasting to truly yield beneficial results.

Can I fast to lose weight? While fasting to lose weight gets covered along with fasting practices in general, there are other more preferred methods of weight loss. Fasting is not something to approach foolishly or without the proper considerations. However, as a properly used tool, fasting can yield wonderful results an improve your overall wellness.

Juice n’ Flow hopes to answer the questions you have regarding fasting so that you will have information to help you in addressing any concerns that you may have regarding the topic and be better informed about fasting. Expect to find answers on questions like:

  • What types of fasts are there?
  • How often should you fast?
  • Is fasting safe?
  • What is the difference between fasting and starving?
  • Is fasting a good way to detox?
  • and more…

Certainly there are more questions to ask about fasting, but these are listed to provide you an overview of the types of questions Juice n’ Flow will answer. Fasting for health has been around since just about forever, hopefully you’ll find valuable snippets culled from a few thousand years rubbed off within these pages.

Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Often associated together, weight loss and fat loss are indeed different. Losing fat will definitely help you lose weight  but losing weight doesn’t mean you only lose fat. Muscle mass is something not often talked about and is an important part of maintaining a healthy body weight. You will find information to help you with losing weight and ways to effectively target the fat so you can lose the pounds.

Dieting and weight loss are big issues in our society, but besides the cultures’ obsession with health, there are many who suffer from obesity and the associated illnesses that come as a result. Information and proper behaviors can change that. No one has to be a part of the 8 in 10 adults over 25 years old that are obese. Fad diets don’t work because good health is not a fad, it is a lifestyle.

As part of the process of becoming better, maintaining a healthy weight and increasing your fat loss are essential to help avoid poor health.

There are a few ways to lose weight really fast, but the most important thing for you to do is to adopt a lifestyle where you are not looking to lose weight quick. The times it takes to lose weight varies from person to person. However some of the ways presented to help you lose weight, such as juicing and diet teas can give you great weight loss results when properly applied.


In addition to the juicing, fasting, weight loss and fat loss, teas are covered too. Diet teas, weight loss teas and ballerina teas essentially serve the same purpose for most and after reading you’ll know which tea is right for what you want to do. You don’t want to get a tea thinking you’ll get one result and end up with another which is quite often the case with diet teas.

Because herbal diet teas and slimming teas have gained in popularity they are becoming a consideration for a larger number of people.

This means more questions from people looking for help. Which herb to use? What brands to buy? How many times to drink tea? And the real big question that pops up when something happens in the news…

Are diet teas safe? The old saying goes, “anything done in excess is dangerous.” The same goes with teas marketed for diets. Depending on the manufacturer the tea may contain strong herbs that when taken in excess can prove dangerous. However, practically all teas when taken according to their instructions are safe. Otherwise they wouldn’t be on the store shelves.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot have an adverse reaction to a weight loss tea. Diet teas like essentially every drink varies according to who makes it.

The dieting tea information on Juice n’ Flow like most topics covered is presented to help people who want to lose weight and those who want to live healthier lives to make better, more informed decisions about health, diet and nutrition. In the end however it is up to you whether you drink weight loss tea or not as dieters tea is just one of many options you can choose to incorporate in your personal plan.

Success is Yours

And there you have it. Juice n’ Flow provides a flashlight, but the map and where you go are up to you. Juicing, fasting, weight loss, fat loss and teas are just ways to get to your desired location, better health. Not mentioned specifically is water, but proper hydration plays a big part in your well-being and overall health.

Weight Loss is Simple. The biggest misconception that exists about losing weight is that you have to do a lot of complicated things to get great results.

This is not true.

What you need to do is simple. The hardest part is breaking bad habits.

Your success is within you and with direction and clarity you can find it.

Welcome to Juice n’ Flow